Driver suspended from driving for betting on his own horse!

Denis O’Connell driving Miri to win at Invercargill

Mr Denis O’Connell was charged for placing a bet on a horse Miri in THE BLUFF ENGINEERING AND WELDING TROT at the Invercargill HRC meeting on 1st June 2015….Mr O’Connell placed a fixed odds bet of $102 each way at $51 and $10 on his horse which won resulting in a collect of $6,222.00

The rules state a horseman may not bet on any horse or combination of horses in a race, in which he or she is driving. Mr O’Connell was unaware of the rule change and had been placing bets of similar nature many times since the rule change had taken place..

Drivers were allowed to bet on the horse they were driving up until 1 April 2014 when the new rule came in to play…

Mr O’Connell was not fined but was suspended from driving from 6 September to 31 December 2015.

Smartbet selections archive
Miri who had been racing better fields and who had been unlucky in several of his past races before winning the race in question was actually selected by us in this race and we also selected the trifecta with our four selections which paid handsomely at $1000+

Invercargill H.R.C. Jun 01, 2015

Race 1 Ygritte….. Miri….. Eltsunami….. Springbank Eden……8-1-10-12