Banks Peninsula Trotting Club Unlucky Runners!

Race 1

Royal Shine huge after breaking early and losing 80m no room in the straight but ran home well when clear…The Fox made some ground after breaking midrace

Race 2

Nothing to report

Race 3

Onedin Highlander no room in the straight, full of running and could have won…..

Race 4

Richmond Hill good run after breaking early and running home well late

Race 5

Nothing to report

Race 6

Kashana would have won if not breaking

Race 7

Little Mo running on late when clear….Tornado Valley made good ground after a slow beginning without being pushed

Race 8

Ranfurly Rulz no room until late but ran home well when clear….Music lost a lot of ground early but ran home well straight…..Don Pierre not a lot of room in the run home

Race 9 & 10 & 11

Nothing to report