TAB Fixed odds win movers today as at 11:30am, courtesy NZ TAB

Alexandra Park

R1 – Best backed Zadaka and clearly leads multi bets. Currently at $2.25 and if you like those odds it may pay to take them now, cant see it going out any longer. Put #2 Daylight Robberyin exotic bets as some early money for it at $21

R2 – Best backed is Arannalea still at $6.50 also money for Courcheval but the $2.50 fav Matatoki leads multi bets and think it will close a lot shorter close to race time.

R3 – 44 multi bets on Alta Intrigue with 2 on the next one (Billy Badger). Fav wont start much longer if it does at all at current odds.

R4 Stroke Of Luck opened at $2.20 and still $2.20, best backed in singles and racing away with multi bets. Think it could close at $1.90 so if you like the $2.20 odds take them now. Hall Of Fame $8.00 in to $6.50 big wrap on this runner but draw the concern but only other runner they want

R5Mums Pride short at $1.45 but should strip fitter after fresh-up win, multis all through her so book will struggle to sell outside this runner.

R6 – We took $4,000 on Charleston Belle $5.50 and now into $4.40 but Risk is looking like value at $3.20 judging by early multi bets and he is the next best backed

R7 – Once again Harriet Of Mot is very short but 69 multi bets on her with 4 on next best (Eyre I Come). Thye don’t want anything else and only $88 is on win book with $50 on her.

R8 – no early money here but No Apachemee leads multi bets and is now trained by Barry Purdon

R9 – Three equal favs in this race at $3.60 but looking as though La Mauitre Dix leads multi bets easily so if you like the $3.60 on that runner take it now.

Ascot Park

R2 Pat Campbell heavily backed singles and multi bets early money says it’s a winner

R3 – a weak field but from the draw Don’t Call Me a good show

R4 – Grey Power looks best of good things and don’t think it will pay more than $1.60 current odds

R5 – early money says Mighty Flying Deal wins and the $3.20 is good money

R6 – Northview Betta taking early moiney and looks a good eachway show

R7 – The $1.40 on Costa Del Magnifico is overs believe it or not, starts at $1.30 maybe even $1.20 and wins

R8 – Best eachway here is Shezacheapy and the $4.40 is fair odds on it

R9 – Milligan looks home but include McCovey Cove in quaddies

R10 – word is for Black Athena she is at $4.00 and could start shorter

Odds movers courtesy of Steve Richardson NZ TAB