The Judicial Control Authority(JCA) have been forced to backtrack on their decision to ban amateur harness racing driver Ray Reekie for two and a half years.

Stewards issued him a charge under Rule 869(3)(g) in that he drove in a manner capable of diminishing Zakspatrol’s chance of winning a race at Addington last Saturday and the JCA subsequently suspended Reekie’s Amateur Horseman’s licence from the conclusion of racing that day up to and including 15th March 2020, a period of 2 1/2 years.

Chief harness stipendiary steward Nick Ydgren spoke to Harnesslink today and said, “Ray is no longer suspended and that his previous penalty has been cancelled.”
Ydgren said “there has been a new penalty hearing set down for the 29th September 2017, just before the first race at Addington that night”
“His 30-month suspension was not valid in my opinion which is why I applied to the JCA to get new penalty hearing to be held”

Reekie has won twelve races as an amateur driver from one hundred and nine amateur drives over a ten year period. He is known for going for a forward position in the races he drives in.

Harnesslink has had a lot of feedback in support of Ray and most people were both saddened and outraged at the severity of the first penalty handed out.

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